Today’s Grammar Point: ~ようなきがする/~ようなかんじがする/~ようにおもう/~ようにかんじる

Today’s grammar point is ~ようなきがする. がする alone already means “to feel,” to have a feeling that …” or “to have a hunch that…” but by adding ~ような, it gives the feeling that the hunch is not as strong. It can be rephrased with ~ようなかんじがする, ~ようにおもう or ~ようにかんじる


  • [noun] の/だった + ような + がする
  • [plain form verb] ような + がする
  • [いadjective stem] い/かった + ような + がする
  • [なadjective] な/だった + ような + がする


It feels like a dream to be so happy.

It feels like my trip 2 years ago had been a dream.

I feel like I can meet John today.

The weather forecast says it’s raining, but I don’t think it’s going to rain.

I felt like I could hear my father’s voice.

I felt like I understood it when I was listening to my teacher’s explanation, but I still don’t understand it.

That teacher says harsh things, but I feel he’s actually very kind.

I feel that this year’s exam was more difficult than last year.

I think this problem is actually quite simple.

I have a feeling that my brother was serious when he was in high school, but I wonder how he really was.

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  • すいにょう
  • ふゆがしら
  • よう

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