Why you can’t say: ちちはシェフとレストランのオーナーです。

The other day one of my students wrote this sentence. As usual, I said to her that she can’t say that because “と" can connect only 2 nouns.

Then the student said to me, “chef” and “owner” are both nouns! Umm, she is right! she got me!!

Still, you can’t say ちちはシェフとレストランのオーナーです。You must say ちちはシェフで、レストランのオーナーです。(or more commonly, ちちはシェフで、レストランをけいえいしています。)


I think that is because, you are connecting two “ideas,” not two “items” or “things.”

Probably the reasoning is the same as in English you say “He is an engineer and owner of a company, ” NOT “He is an engineer and an owner of a company.”

Learning a language is always full of discoveries!

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