One of my friends posted that in Facebook the other day. He was very happy that Andrés Iniesta joined a J-League team.

Yesterday, I talked about ~てしまいます to express "I don’t really mean to but I ended up…".  ~ちゃう is a casual variation of that form. If I write イニエスタ、ほんとにきちゃった in the polite form, that will be イニエスタ(は)、ほんとうにきてしまいました。In this case this means "I didn’t think it was going to happen but Iniesta has really come (to Japan)!" and implies some surprise.

In order to use this, you need to change てしまいます into ちゃう, でしまいます into じゃう. Some examples:

  • ぜんぶたべちゃった。(I ended up eating it all!)
  • うれしすぎてしんじゃう。(I’m so happy that I might die!)
It sounds very casual, so don’t use it in your writing exam!

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