#安 is made of #うかんむり and 女 (female). うかんむり is associated with a house – “having a woman in the house” makes it peaceful, which makes perfect sense to me, though feminists may argue.

安心(アンシン): relief
安全(アンゼン)(な): safe
安定(アンテイ)した: stable
平安(ヘイアン): hearts-ease
不安(フアン)(な): ill at ease, unsettling

安(やす)い: cheap, inexpensive
安(やす)らか(な): peaceful
安宿(やすやど): cheap lodging house

<Difficult readings>

安達(だち): Adachi – a common surname

安(いずく)んぞ: (old) how, why

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