Today’s first #kanji is #洗. Another #さんずいへん(氵) kanji. Its つくり (the right side of a kanji) is #先, which serves as a sound indicator, but apparently it is a simplified form of #跣. So the original meaning of 洗 was to wash a person’s feet. Interesting, isn’t it?

Meaning: to wash

Reading: セン、あら

洗濯(センタク): washing, the wash, laundering, laundry

水洗(スイセン): flushing, washing (by water), rinsing

洗う(あらう): to wash
洗い物(あらいもの): dishes/clothes to wash, washing up, laundry
手洗い(てあらい): hand-washing, rest room
お手洗い(おてあらい): a lavatory, a bathroom, a toilet room

足を洗う(あしをあらう): to wash (a person’s) feet, to quit, to cash in one’s chips

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