Today’s #kanji is #痛. which is made of its semantic element of #やまいだれ(疒) and phonetic element of 甬, although 痛 and 甬 don’t share a sound.

Meaning: painful
Reading: ツウ、いた

痛快(ツウカイ): [なadj] exhilarating, extremely, delightful
痛恨(ツウコン)の: [noun + の] sorrowful, bitter
痛切(ツウセツ): [なadj] keen, acute, heartfelt
苦痛(クツウ): [noun] suffering, a pain, pain
頭痛(ズツウ): noun headache, a pain in the head
腹痛(フクツウ): [noun] a stomachache, an abdominal pain, cramps

痛(いた)い: [いadj] painful, sore, aching; bitter, hurtful
痛(いた)手(で): [noun] a severe wound, a heavy blow
痛(いた)ましい: [いadj] piteous, heartbreaking
痛(いた)む: [vi] to feel a pain, to hurt, to be sore

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