Today’s #kanji is #等 which is made of its semantic element of #たけかんむり(竹)and phonetic element of although 等 and 寺 don’t share a sound. What do you think a combination of 竹 and 寺 mean?

Meaning: equal, and, etc.
Reading: トウ(ドウ)、ひと、などら*

等級(トウキュウ): [noun] a class, a grade, a rank
等号(トウゴウ): [noun] a sign of equality (=)
等分(トウブン)する: [vt] to divide equally (often used after a kanji number)
一等(イットウ)の: [noun + の] first-class, top-grade
高等(コウトウ)学校(ガッコウ): [noun] a senior high school (often shortened as 高校)
上等(ジョウトウ): [noun] superiority, excellence
中等(チュウトウ)教育(キョウイク): [noun] secondary education
同等(ドウトウ)の: [noun + の] equal, equivalent
平等(ビョウドウ): [noun] equality, impartiality

等(ひと)しい: [いadj] identical, exactly the same

-等(など):* [suffix] and so on, etc.

-等(ら)*: [suffix] … and others, … and the like

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