Making 3-part sentences using verbs

Making 3-part sentences using verbs

Let’s learn basic verbs and start making simple sentences. Watch this video and the following verbs all can be used in the same way as shown in this video.


HiraganaRoomajiGroup*Meaning in EnglishExampleTranslation
おしえますoshiemasu1-danto teach, to tell, to informわたしは にほんごを おしえます。I teach Japanese.
おぼえますoboemasu1-danto remember, to memorizeわたしは ひらがなを おぼえます。I memorize Hiragana.
かいますkaimasu5-danto buyわたしは じしょを かいます。I buy a dictionary.
かきますkakimasu5-danto write, to drawわたしは ひらがなを かきます。I write Hiragana.
ききますkikimasu5-danto hear, to listen to, to askわたしは ラジオを ききます。I listen to a radio.
しますshimasuirregularto do, to playわたしは そうじを します。I clean (= I do cleaning.)
しめますshimemasu1-danto close, to shutわたしは まどを しめます。I shut the window.
たべますtabemasu1-danto eatわたしは ごはんを たべます。I eat rice.
つかいますtsukaimasu5-danto useわたしは ペンを つかいます。I use a pen.
つくりますtsukurimasu5-danto make, to createわたしは ケーキを つくります。I make a cake.
とりますtorimasu5-danto take (an item or a photo)わたしは しゃしんを とります。I take a photo.
ならいますnaraimasu5-danto learn, to have lessons ofわたしは にほんごを ならいます。I learn Japanese.
のみますnomimasu5-danto drinkわたしは みずを のみます。I drink water.
はなしますhanashimasu5-danto speakわたしは にほんごを はなします。I speak Japanese.
ひきますhikimasu5-danto play (string instrument)わたしは ピアノを ひきます。I play the piano.
ふきますhukimasu5-danto blow (wind, etc)わたしは フルートを ふきます。I play the flute.
みますmimasu1-danto see, to watchわたしは テレビを みます。I watch TV.
よみますyomimasu5-danto readわたしは ほんを よみます。I read a book.
わたしますwatashimasu5-danto pass over, to hand overわたしは てがみを わたします。I hand over a letter.
Do not worry about the group at this stage but come back here when you are doing Module 10.

Words that can be used as an Object

epicture, drawing, painting, sketch
えいがeigamovie, film
えいごeigothe English language
おさらosaraplate, dish
おべんとうobentoupacked meal
きってkittestamp (e.g. postage)
ごはんgohanrice (cooked), meal
さくぶんsakubuncomposition, writing
しんぶんshinbunnewspaper (refers to the content of the newspaper, not the paper itself)
テレビterebitelevision, TV
のみものnomimonodrink, beverage
はなしhanashitalk, story
ばんごはんbangohandinner, evening meal
ひるごはんhirugohanlunch, midday meal
レコードreko-dorecord, vinyl record

Suggested Activities

Try to match up objects and verbs so that the pair will make sense.

Do the exercise 1 of Module 4 of the Moodle course.

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