This week’s #kanji is #許. Its semantic element is #ごんべん(言) and its phonetic element is 午, although 許 and 午 do not share a sound in Japanese.

Meaning: to forgive, to accept, to permit, etc.
Reading: キョ、ゆる

許可(キョカ): permission, approval
許容(キョヨウ)する: to permit, to approve, to tolerate, to pardon
特許(トッキョ): a patent; special permission
免許(メンキョ): permission, license, a certificate, a permit

許(ゆる)し: permission, admission, pardon
許(ゆる)す: to permit, to give… permission, to tolerate, to grant, to forgive, to acquit

Difficult reading
親許(おやもと): one’s parents’ home (usually written 親元)
許嫁/許婚(いいなずけ): one’s fiance/fiancee, a bride/husband-to-be

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