Today’s #kanji is 誤, which is listed under its semantic element of #ごんべん(言), which suggests a connection with language or communication. Its phonetic element is 呉.


Meaning: wrong, a mistake
Reading: ゴ、あやま

誤解(カイ)する: to misunderstand, to mistake (someone’s intentions), to get … wrong, to misinterpret
誤差(サ): an (accidental) error
誤算(サン): (a) miscalculation, an error (in calculation)
誤字(ジ): a misspelling, a wrong character, a misprint, a typo
誤報(ホウ): an incorrect report, false intelligence, a false alarm
誤用(ヨウ): misuse, wrong use, misapplication
錯誤(サク): a mistake, an error, a discrepancy, a misapprehension
正誤(セイ): correction of errors; correct or mistaken, the correct and the incorrect

誤(あやま)り: (noun) a mistake, an error
誤(あやま)る: (transitive verb) to make a mistake, to be mistaken, to do wrong; to mislead, to misguide

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