Today’s #kanji is #識, which is made of its semantic element of #ごんべん(言) and phonetic element of 戠. 戠 is not listed in the 常用漢字(ジョウヨウカンジ) list but it has the meaning of “mark(ing).” Can you tell what 識 means then?

Meaning: to know, to recognise, to perceive, etc.
Reading: シキ

識者(シキシャ): [noun] an intellectual, an informed person
識別(シキベツ): [noun] identification, discrimination (positive meaning)
意識(イシキ): [noun] consciousness, awareness
学識(ガクシキ): [noun] learning, knowledge
見識(ケンシキ): [noun] good judgment, discernment, fine discrimination
常識(ジョウシキ): [noun] common sense, conventional wisdom, common knowledge
知識(チシキ): [noun] knowledge, information, learning, attainments
認識(ニンシキ): [noun] cognition, recognition, awareness, perception
面識(メンシキ): [noun] acquaintance
良識(リョウシキ): [noun] good sense, common sense

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