Today’s #kanji is 議, which is listed under its semantic element of #ごんべん(言), which suggests a connection with language or communication. Its phonetic element is 義.


Meaning: to consult, an opinion, etc.
Reading: ギ

議案(アン): a bill, a measure
議院(イン): the House, the Diet chamber
議員(イン): a member of an assembly, a legislator, an MP
議会(カイ): an assembly, a national assembly, the Diet, Parliament
議決(ケツ)する: to decide, to resolve, to take a vote
議題(ダイ): a subject for discussion, an agenda
議長(チョウ): the chair, the chairperson, the speaker (of the assembly)
議論(ロン): an argument, a discussion, a dispute
会議(カイ): a conference, a meeting, a council, a talk; a convention, a congress
争議(ソウ): a dispute, a strife, a trouble; a strike, a walkout

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