Today’s Question

What would you put in the blank? 

(Please note there is no right or wrong answer to this as long as it is a noun associated with Japan.)

Today’s Grammar Point: ~といえば、… / ~というと…


[noun] + といえば
[noun] + というと


“~といえば” or “~というと” alone means “speaking of ~” or “when you talk of ~”

However, “~というと..だ/です” is an expression used to mention something typical associated with the noun ~, so it’s more like “(The word) ~ reminds me of ….” or “when you say ~, that means …”


  1. シドニーといえば、オペラハウスに行ったことがある。
    When you talk of Sydney, I have been to the Opera House.
  2. 寿司すしというとにぎり寿司ずしおもうかかべます。
    If you talk about sushi, I would think of nigiri.
  3. 京都きょうとというと金閣寺きんかくじおもす。
    Talk of Kyoto reminds me of Kinkakuji Temple.
  4. 日本料理にほんりょうりといえば、寿司すしですね。
    If you say “Japanese food”, I always think of “sushi.”
  5. オーストラリアの動物どうぶつといえば、カンガルーでしょう。
    When you talk of an Australian animal, that would mean a kangaroo.
  6. サッカーといえばマラドーナだろう。
    The word “soccer” would remind everybody of “Maradona.”
  7. アメリカでスポーツといえばアメフトですよ。
    If you say “sports” in America, that means “American football”!

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