焼(や)き is a noun form of the verb, 焼(や)く = to grill and 餅(もち) is a rice cake. So 焼き餅 is what is shown in the picture, a grilled rice cake. Plain 餅(もち) in Japan is made of glutenous rice, so when it’s heated, it gets really stretchy and sticky. Unfortunately every year a number of people die of choking while eating 餅(もち). So 夫の焼き餅に困っている can mean that “I am having a hard time dealing with my husband grilled rice cake.”

However, 焼き餅 has another meaning, which is “jealousy” or “envy.” So 夫の焼き餅に困っている more likely means: “I don’t know what to do with my husband’s jealousy.”

to be jealousy can be described as 焼(や)き餅(もち)を焼(や)く

a jealous person can be called 焼(や)き餅(もち)焼(や)き

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