Question words + か

Question words + か

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Question Words + か

I talked about Japanese Question words (だれ、なに、いつ、どこ、なぜ、どう) in this post and today I’m going to talk about those with か, which converts a question word into an indefinite pronoun like “something,” “someone,” etc.

Question wordEnglishQuestion word + かEnglish
だれwhoだれかsomeone; somebody
いつwhenいつかsometime (or other); someday
なぜwhyなぜかfor some reason (or other); for whatever reason; somehow
どうhowどうかsomehow or other

Because these words are no longer a question word, if they are used in a question sentence, it becomes a Yes or No question.


Examples of Question word TranslationExamples of Question word + かTranslation
だれきますか。Who is coming? だれがきますか。 Is someone/anyone coming?
だれほんですか。Whose book is it? だれほんですか。 Is this somebody’s book?
だれいましたか。Whom did you see (and have conversation with)? だれいましたか。 Did you meet anybody/somebody?
だれましたか。Whom did you see (=catch sight of)? だれましたか。 Did you see anyone/someone?
だれきますか。 Whom are you going with? だれ きますか。 Are you going with someone?
だれからききましたか。Whom did you hear it from? だれからききましたか。 Did you hear it from somebody?
だれもらいましたか。Whom did you receive it from? (=Who gave it to you?) だれにもらいましたか。 Did you get it from someone?


Examples of Question word TranslationExamples of Question word + かTranslation
なにがすきですか。What do you like? なにがすきですか。 Do you like something?
しゅうまつなにをしましたか。What did you do during the weekend? しゅうまつなにをしましたか。 Did you do something over the weekend?
それはなんほんですか。What is that book about? それはなにのほんですか。
それはなんのほんですか。 (colloquial)
Is that a book of some sort?
ジョンさんはなんいいましたか。What did John say? ジョンさんはなにいいましたか。 Did John say something/anything?
どれをかいますか。Which one are you buying? どれをかいますか。 Are you buying one/some (of these)?


Examples of Question word TranslationExamples of Question word + かTranslation
いついきますか。When are you going? いついきますか。 Are you going one day?
いつオーストラリアにいきましたか。When did you go to Australia? いつオーストラリアにいきましたか。 Did you go to Australia some time ago?
なんねんまえオーストラリアにきましたか。How many years ago did you come to Australia? なんねんまえにオーストラリアにきましたか。 Did you come to Australia some years ago?


Examples of Question wordTranslation Examples of Question word + か Translation
どこ食べますか。Where will/do you eat (it)? どこで食べますか。 Are we eating (it) somewhere?
どこありますか。Where is it? どこにありますか。 Is it (located) somewhere?
Where will you go? どこきますか。
Are you going somewhere?
どこからきましたか。Where did you come from? どこからきましたか。 Did you/he/she/they/it come from somewhere?
どこまであるきますか。Where did you walk to? どこまであるきますか。 Will you be walking (to) somewhere?


Examples of Question word TranslationExamples of Question word + かTranslation
なぜいきますか。Why are you going? なぜいきます。 I don’t know why but I’m going.


Examples of Question word Translation Examples of Question word + か Translation
どうしましたか。(a common phrase by a doctor)What’s wrong? どうしましたか。(a common phrase by a doctor) Is anything wrong?

Answer to Today’s Question

どうかしましたか means “has anything happened to you?” or “Is anything wrong?”, so my answer would be いいえべつに (no nothing particular)。

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