JLPT N5 Kanji Modules

This course is set up to help you prepare for the kanji part of the JLPT N5 examination, namely the げんごちしき(もじ)- linguistic knowledge (character) – section.

The Kanji characters most likely to be tested in N5 exams are divided into 8 groups and you are to study them group by group. After you think you have learned them, check your knowledge with quizzes in this course.

Each quiz has 10 questions and they are all in the same format as the JLPT exam. That is to choose one from 4 choices that suits the underlined part of a question sentence best.

Quizzes for a later group may have questions using kanji characters from earlier group(s).

Although only 10 questions are shown in each quiz at a time, there are a lot more questions in the system, all together over 400 questions, and they are randomly selected each time you attempt a quiz. So, even if you get full marks on the first go, try a few more times so that you will deepen your knowledge of that section.

You can progress onto the next section regardless of your marks in the previous section, but I recommend you review the section further if you are not happy with your marks so that you will be able to build up a solid knowledge in these kanji characters.

At the end of the course, there are 2 quizzes (from Kanji and to Kanji) which select 20 questions across all groups.

This course is currently offered at AUD 19.95 for a 26-weeks access.

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