Japanese Teacher Support Program

Haven’t you had a time when:

  • You tried to write a reading comprehension passage but you couldn’t write a long enough passage.
  • You wrote some example sentences but you are not sure if you have used correct particles.
  • Your students used a sentence pattern you weren’t expecting and you are not sure if it’s correct.
  • Your student asked a pesky question and you are not sure how to answer it.
  • When any of the above happens often, you are starting to doubt yourself and students start to misbehave in class.

I went through these situations millions of times when I was teaching English in Japan. I was lucky because we had an excellent ALT from Canada called Louise and all I had to do was to ask Louise!

Can I be a Louise to you?

I can:

  • check and tidy up what you and/or your student have written
  • answer any Japanese language related questions and provide explanation as long as questions are related to your own or your students’ learning.
  • help you with ideas for classroom activities with or without physical resources

Confidentiality guaranteed! Nobody else will know that you are enrolled in this program unless you disclose it yourself!

My Classroom Experience

As I mentioned before, my first job after graduating from uni was a full-time English teacher in a government senior high school in Japan. While I was there I was asked to lead a 3-week exchange program to Australia with 18 students. 2 years later, I was asked again to lead a group of 25 students. During those 2 trips, I fell in love with Australia and decided to apply for a permanent residency. I was very lucky to get it in a few months and I immigrated to NSW.

Since then I spent altogether 23 years in K to 12 classrooms in 4 independent and 5 government schools.

I have encountered so many situations during those years, I will be able to support you one way or the other.

What I offer here

  • mini Conversation Partner Program (15 minutes per week face-to-face sessions instead of 30 minutes)
  • unlimited Q & A* via email
  • checking and editing of 2 passages (up to 800 ji combined) per term
  • resources support

This service will be offered FREE if you take part in my standard Conversation Partner Program (30 minutes a week conversation practice) (limited time only!)

* The questions must be relating to what you teach and/or events in your classroom. If a question is complicated or if too many questions are asked at once, answers and explanation may be given during the subsequent face-to-face session in lieu of conversation practice, but a short, brisk answer will be given in a timely manner (namely by the end of the next school day after the question is received).

If you are interested, please email me at EasyJapaneseE@gmail.com or contact me via the form below!

Contact Form

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