Travellers’ Japanese

EasyJapaneseE proudly offers a “Travellers’ Japanese” course for those who have never learned Japanese before and are interested in learning it before going to Japan. While covering purely conversational Japanese, unlike my “Survival Japanese unit, this course provides some grammar explanations and will become a good base to learn the language not necessarily for travelling only.

Subscription to this course also allows you to access my “Survival Japanese pages for the duration of your subscription period so that you can see all the Travellers’ Tips.

This course is made up of:

  • Unit 0: Survival Phrases
  • Unit 1: Basic greeting and simple self-introduction
  • Unit 2: Counting numbers
  • Unit 3: Reading prices written in characters
  • Unit 4: How to ask for prices and make an order
  • Unit 5: Simple sentences (eat, drink, see, buy and go)
  • Unit 6: Stating what you want to do
  • Appendix: Useful expressions and printable table of all expressions covered in Units 1 – 6.

All the units are placed in a logical order, so you don’t need to look elsewhere to find relevant information. Having said that, you can skip pages and/or quizzes to go to the next section if you so wish. Also, you can go back to any page to do more exercises. You can do quizzes multiple times.

Each unit has:

  • Explanation page(s) with lots of videos and audio clips to learn the sounds. All videos and audio clips are recorded by me, a native Japanese speaker with over 2 decades teaching experience in Australia, unlike some other apps which use computer generated voices and/or audio spoken by a non-native Japanese person.
  • Quizzes to check if you understood/remembered what you have learned. All quizzes allow multiple attempts.

This is a cloud-based course built on the Moodle Cloud platform and you can do the course in a browser or an app on your PC, Mac and/or mobile devices. Unlike an app, you can do part on your PC and you can resume from where you left off on your mobile device and vise-versa.


This course is offered for AUD 49.95 and that will allow you to access the contents for 26 weeks from the time your payment is processed.

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