#近 is made of #しんにょう/#しんにゅう with 斤. 斤’s original meaning is “an axe” but it also means “a small amount,” from which 近 came to mean “not much to walk” ⇒ “close”

近所(キンジョ): the neighborhood
近親(キンシン): an immediate relation
最近(サイキン): recently
接近(セッキン): (an) approach, (a) movement toward… 


近藤(コンドウ): Kondo, a common family name
右近(ウコン) :the ‘Right-Wing’ Division of the ancient Imperial Guard.


近(ちか)い: close, near
近道(ちかみち): a shorter way, a shortcut

There are other colloquial readings such as:

近衛兵(コノエヘイ): a soldier in the Imperial Guard

近江(おうみ): the name of a province near Lake Biwa.

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