Survival Japanese Front Page

Survival Japanese Front Page

Welcome to EasyJapaneseE’s Survival Japanese

This is an electronic phrase book with sound files for travellers to Japan. It is full of useful phrases grouped by likely situations.

Travellers’ Tips

Also included are some information to help you prepare for the upcoming trip.


You can download a list of phrases covered in this course and take it with you to Japan.

Subscription Period: 26 weeks

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to email me at easyjapanesee@gmail.com. If you’d like any other phrases included, please also email me. If your phrases seem useful to other travellers, I will include them!

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  1. [Introduction Tips] - General Information for Travellers to Japan
  2. [Unit 1 Phrases] - Basic Communication
  3. [Unit 1 Tips] - Things to take with you
  4. [Unit 2 Phrases] - Useful Phrases at the Airport
  5. [Unit 2 Tips] - Money Matters while you are in Japan
  6. [Unit 3 Phrases] - Shopping
  7. [Unit 3 Tips] - What you expect in shops and Duty-Free Purchases
  8. [Unit 4 Phrases] - at an accommodation facility
  9. [Unit 4 Tips] - Japanese Toilets, Baths and Shoes!
  10. [Unit 5 Phrases] - Going Around in Japan
  11. [Unit 5 Tips] - Moving around in Japan
  12. [Unit 5 Tips 2] - JR Seat Reservation and Fare Rules
  13. [Unit 6 Phrases] - Eating Out
  14. [Unit 6 Kanji Numbers] - Reading Prices written in Kanji Characters
  15. [Unit 6 Tips] - Common foods and Open/Closed signs
  16. [Unit 7 Phrases] - Emergency
  17. [Unit 7 Tips] - Mobile Phones
  18. [Appendix Phrases] - useful words
  19. [Appendix Tips] - an insider guide to Kyoto, an ancient capital
  20. [Have a Nice Trip!] - Download the list of phrases