Module 9.3 – I’m going there to eat ramen noodles

いきます (to go), きます (to come) and かえります (to go home, to return) are special verbs and they can be used with a verb stem + に to include a purpose.


  • [verb stem] に いきます。 to go to do ~
  • [verb stem] に きます。 to come to do ~
  • [verb stem] に かえります。 to go home to do ~


  1. アイスクリームを かいに いきます。(かい ⇐ かいます)
    = I’ll go and buy some icecream.
  2. ラーメンを たべに いきました。(たべ ⇐ たべます)
    = I went (out) to have some ramen.
  3. しゃしんを みに きて ください。(み ⇐ みます)
    = Come and have a look at the photos.
  4. きのう ともだちが あそびに きました。(あそび ⇐ あそびます)
    = Yesterday, my friend came (here) and had fun.
  5. しゅくだいを とりに かえります。(とり  ⇐ とります)
    = I’ll go home to get my homework.
  6. ははの てつだいを しに かえりました。(し ⇐ します)
    =ははを てつだいに かえりました。(てつだい⇐てつだいます) 
    = I went home to help my mother.

Suggested Activities

  • List up a few places where you went last week with the purpose of your visit.
Course: JLPT N5