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Terms and Conditions

  • EasyJapaneseE’s online courses are built on Moodle Cloud and/or Gnomio platform. You need to make an account with Moodle Cloud and/or Gnomio to access the content.
  • You need to be connected to the internet to use any EasyJapaneseE online course. Subscription fees do not include the device and/or internet data cost. EasyJapaneseE cannot be held responsible for technical issues Moodle Cloud and/or Gnomio and/or your internet provider may experience.
  • When you subscribe using PayPal enrollment, your access to the course will expire after the specified time with or without any reminder. Once your subscription expires, your account with Moodle will be deleted together with all associated data (i.e. your marks, etc.). If you need to have your subscription extended, please contact me before it expires. An additional fee may apply.
  • If you are offered access to any course as part of face-to-face lessons, your subscription will continue as long as you are having lessons with me. However, if you have a break longer than 4 weeks, your account may be deleted together with all associated data.
  • The Intellectual Property of the contents of any EasyJapaneseE’s course belongs to Mariko Kobayashi and it is protected by the applicable law. You are allowed to copy, print and/or store the content for your own personal study, but you are not permitted to use it for any other purpose and/or to share it with others in any way.
  • While I make every effort to ensure that information included in the courses is accurate and up to date, I do not accept any liability whatsoever arising from or connected to, the accuracy, reliability, currency or completeness of any material contained in any of EasyJapaneseE’s courses or any linked site. The information contained in each course is published purely for reference purposes.
  • As I continuously adapt and improve my products, I reserve the right to change the content of my products without obligation to notify users such changes in any modules previously completed.
  • Your personal data will be strictly guarded according to EasyJapaneseE’s privacy policy.

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