Writing Support Service

Writing Support Service

How fluent would you like to be in Japanese?

If you really want to be fluent, that is, to able to freely say what you really want to say in Japanese at all times, you cannot skip writing practice, because, in order to convey a complex message, you need to be able to write it down.

The quickest way to improve your skills is to write a passage and get feedback from an expert.

I’m not only a native speaker of Japanese but also work as a professional translator and the articles I translate always get published one way or another for Japanese readers. I’m happy to offer you my help to improve your writing skills.

Writing doesn’t come easy but one thing for sure is that if you don’t practise writing, it will never get better by itself. By making a small step at a time, you WILL get better at it!

Depending on your level of proficiency and your aim, we will need different approaches, so, I thought of offering 3 different services. The first 2 are for intermediate to advanced students and go for 10 weeks; the last one is for an advanced learner only (therefore, the explanation is written in Japanese) and without a fixed term commitment:

  • Themed Writing Practice Course
  • Freestyle Writing Practice Course
  • One-off support

Intermediate to Advanced level

Themed Writing Practice Course

This course aims to bring up your writing skills along a set of given topics. You will be given 10 different topics to write about, one a week for 10 weeks, and I will read what you have written, make corrections if needed and suggest how to improve it.

The first topic for everyone is “Self-Introduction.” I’d like you to write about who you are and what your interests are, etc. After that, depending on your interest and proficiency level, a different topic will be given each week. You have one week to write a passage about 400 ji long.

Topic can include something like:

  • a letter to inquire about accommodation in Japan
  • a letter of thanks to someone you met in Japan
  • a letter of complaint to a store, etc.

Freestyle Writing Practice Course

This course is similar to the above. You will be writing 10 passages of approximately 400 ji each, one every week and you can decide what you are going to write about. This would be suitable for those who are creative and want to be able to produce something unique in Japanese.

For either of the above services, you can either hand-write your passage or produce it in MS Word. Hand-writing is recommended if you are preparing for exams like HSC and in that case please use げんこうようし to write your passage. You can download it here

Each piece of writing should be between 300 and 400 ji long.

Advanced level

One-off Support/単発サポート



  • 以下の確認
    • 文法
    • 漢字
    • 敬語の使い方
    • 全体の流れ
  • 間違いの訂正
  • 別の言い回しの提案
  • 詳細説明(別途費用がかかる場合があります)

このサービスをご利用の場合には、一回当たりの字数制限はありませんが、字数および内容によって料金が異なりますので、原稿を EasyJapaneseE@admin に送って、事前に見積もりを依頼してください。


Please note that all these services are in aid of building writing skills. I offer translation service separate from these services if you’d like to have a document translated into Japanese for business use.

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