Writing Support Service

Writing Support Service

Writing a meaningful passage is difficult even in your own language, let alone in a second language. It is always a good idea to have your writing checked by a native speaker. Services offered here are:

  • Checking of:
    • grammar
    • usage of words and collocation
    • kanji, etc
  • Correction of errors
  • Provision of alternative expressions, where applicable
  • detailed explanation (surcharge may apply)

Please note that this service is in aid of building writing skills. I offer a translation service separate from this service if you’d like to have a document translated into Japanese for business use. (I am a NAATI accredited translator.) If you are hand writing it, please allow enough space for me to write comments in.

If you’re enrolled in the Conversation Partner Programme and if you are submitting electronic copy or a manuscript using げんこうようし, you can receive a 20% off discount from this Writing Support Service while you are enrolled in the Conversation Partner Programme.

Also, you can combine a regular writing practice with the Conversation Partner Programme, AUD 300 will give you a maximum of 4000 ji writing support on top of the regular Conversation Partner Programme.

Please allow 3 business days for your submission to be returned to you.

Price in AUD

 Electronic Copy or Manuscript in
Other format 
 up to 400 ji 10 (8) 12
 401 to 800 ji 20 (16) 24
 801 to 1200 ji 30 (24) 36
over 1201 ji negotiable negotiable
Prices in brackets apply if / while you are enrolled in the “Conversation Partner Programme.”

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