ポット is the transliteration of the English word “pot,” so can you spot a ポット in the photo? If you were asked, “ポットを持ってきてください (please bring a pot),” which one will you grab? Will you go to the front and grab either the metal pot or the whilte pot near the lady?

I will go near the window and grab one of those silver pots.
ポット in Japanese can mean a pot as in sugar “pot” or a cooking “pot” but it most often refers to a thermal flask with a handle and a spout sticking out. You boil water in やかん (a (metal) kettle) and transfer the hot water to ポット to keep it warm. A thermal flask without a handle and an outer spout is usually called 魔法瓶(まほうびん/mahoubin).
You can also buy a 電気(でんき)ポット (denki_potto) or 電気(でんき)ケトル (denki_ketoru) in Japan. 電気(でんき)ポット will boil water and keep it hot while 電気(でんき)ケトル  will just boil water once.

Cooking pots are usually called 鍋(なべ/nabe).

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