Today’s first #kanji is #七, which is listed under #一. Some people confuse this with 十 and some others write it like the capital “J” but the vertical line has to curve out to the right and stay down.

Meaning: 7 (seven)

Reading: シチ(シッ)、なな、なの

七(シチ、なな): 7 (seven)
七時(シチジ): 7 o’clock
七月(シチガツ): July
七曜(シチヨウ): the seven days of the week
七五三(シチゴサン): Shichigosan – the festival (on November 15th) for children of three, five or seven years of age (or, in most cases, for boys of three or five and girls of three or seven).

七宝焼き(シッポウやき): cloisonné – an ancient technique for decorating metalwork objects

七(なな)つのボール: seven balls
七(なな)転(ころ)び八(や)起(お)き: stumbling seven times but recovering eight, getting repeatedly knocked down but bouncing back up each time

七日(なのか): the seventh day of a month; 7 days (long)

<Difficult Reading>

七夕(たなばた): the Festival of the Weaver Star and the Cowherd Star (Vega and Altair) on 7 July, the Star Festival

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