Today’s first #kanji is #三. 三’s radical is 一. When you write this character, you need to pay attention to the length of lines. The bottom line is the longest and the middle line is the shortest.

Mearning: 3 (three)
Reading: サン、み、みっ

三(サン): 3 (three)
三人(サンニン): three people
三権(サンケン): the three powers (of government) – government-legislative, administrative and judicial
三寒四温(サンカンシオン): a pattern of three cold days and four warm days (marking the end of winter and the beginning of spring)
三文(サンモン): a paltry amount of money, cheapness, worthlessness
三度(サンド): three times, thrice
再三(サイサン): again and again, over and over, time and again
二三(ニサン)(の): two or three

三度(たび): three times, for the third time
三()つ編(あ)み: a braid, a plait
三(みっ)つ: three (つ is the originally Japanese multi-purpose counter)
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