Today’s second #kanji is #不, which is listed under the radical of #一. There seem to be a few different theories about how this character was formed. We use this character a lot but never alone. Check the examples below.

Meaning: 不 works like a prefix to indicate “negative” just like “un-” or “dis-” in English
Reading: フ、ブ

不安(アン): uneasiness, anxiety, apprehension
不運(ウン): bad luck, misfortune, adversity
不公平(コウヘイ): unfairness, injustice, inequity
不幸(コウ): misfortune, adversity, misery
不正(セイ): injustice, unfairness, wrongdoing, misconduct
不足(ソク): shortage, deficiency
不便(ベン): inconvenience, unhandiness


不細工(サイク)(な): awkward, clumsy, unattractive
不器用(キヨウ)(な): awkward, clumsy, inept


<Difficult Reading>

不知火(しらぬい): sea fire, marine bio-luminescence

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