Today’s #kanji is 付, which is listed under the radical of #にんべん(亻). It is a compound ideograph made of a person (亻) and 寸 (facing a person with something in the hands, apparently).

Meaning: to attach, to add
Reading: フ(プ)、つ(づ)

付加(カ): addition, affixation, supplementation
付近(キン): the neighbourhood, the vicinity
付属(ゾク)の: attached to…, belonging to …

付属機関きかん: a subsidiary agency, an affiliated organization
付属小学校しょうがっこう: an attached primary school, a primary school attached to …

付録(ロク): a supplement, an appendix, an addendum
寄付(キ): (a) contribution, (a) donation
給付(キュウ): presentation, bestowal; payment, (a) benefit
添付(テン): appending, annexing, attachment

付(つ)く: 1. to stick (to …); 2. to include, to come with …; 3. to gather, to gain, etc.

どろが付く: to get muddy
コーヒーが付く: coffee comes (with…)
英語力えいごりょくが付く: to become proficient in English

付(つ)ける: to put ~ (on …), to attach, to acquire, etc.

シミをつける: to stain
~に名前なまえを付ける: to name ~
ふりがなを付ける: to give the furigana (reading)
元気げんきを付ける: to cheer up

気(キ)付(づ)く: to know, to notice; to come to oneself

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