Today, we celebrate the arrival of the new era 令和(れいわ). It’s written with these two kanjis.

Meaning: a command, good

Reading: レイ、リョウ

令和(レイワ): “Reiwa”, the new of the era in Japan which started on 1 May 2019
令状(レイジョウ): a warrant
令夫人(レイフジン): your / his wife (honorific)
令息(レイソク): your / their son (honorific)
令嬢(レイジョウ): your / their daughter (honorific)
指令(シレイ): an order, a directive
号令(ゴウレイ): a (word of) command
法令(ホウレイ): a law
命令(メイレイ): an order, a command

律令(リツリョウ): the legal codes of the Nara (710 – 794) and Heian (794 – 1185) periods
#令 is listed under the radical of #ひと(人). Don’t confuse this with 今.

Meaning: peace、Japan

Reading: ワ、オ、なご、やわ、あ

和解(カイ): a reconciliation
和風(フウ): Japanese-style
令和(レイ): “Reiwa”, the new of the era in Japan which started on 1 May 2019
平和(ヘイ): peace
緩和(カン): a mitigation, an easing

和尚(ショウ): a Buddhist priest

和(なご)む: calm down, relax

和(やわ)らぐ: soften, become moderate

和(あ)える: dress (vegetables) with (sauce)

大和(やまと): Yamato (ancient name of Japan)
The current form of #和 looks as if it’s made of のぎへん(禾) and 口. Hoever, its original form was 咊, so 和 is listed under the radical of #くちへん(口). Its original meaning was “harmony.”
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