Today’s second #kanji is #先, which is listed under #にんにょう/#ひとあし(儿). Apparently the top part was originally written with a variation of 之, which means “to go.”

Meaning: ahead, prior, first

Reading: セン、さき、ま*

先生(センセイ): a teacher
先日(センジツ): the other day, a few days ago (it is NOT yesterday)
先週(センシュウ): last week
先月(センゲツ): last month
祖先(ソセン): an ancestor, a forefather
優先(ユウセン): preference, priority


先(さき): the tip/end (of something), the head/front, earlier, ahead, etc.
店先(みせさき): the storefront
目先(めさき)(の): immediate, present


<Difficult Reading>

先ず(まず): first, first of all; anyway, anyhow; practically, on the whole

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