Today’s second #kanji is #分, which is listed under #かたな(刀) with 八 over it. 刀 is a sword and 八 means to diverge, which makes perfect sense for this kanji.

Meaning: to divide, to separate, a fraction, a part, a minute, etc.

Reading: ブン、フン(プン)、ブ、わ

分数(ブンスウ): a fraction, a fractional number
分野(ブンヤ): a field, a sphere, an area,
a discipline, a branch
半分(ハンブン): (a) half
十分(ジュウブン): enough, sufficient, adequate, satisfactory
十分(ジュウブン)する: to divide into 10 (parts)
十分(ジュップン): 10 minutes
分別(ブンベツ): division, separation, classification, assortment

分別(フンベツ): discretion, prudence, wisdom, good judgement
分(わ)かれる: to branch off, to diverge, to split
分(わ)ける: to divide, to split, to tie/draw, to part
分(わ)かつ: to distinguish, to divide, to separate
分(わ)かる: to understand, to become clear, to appreciate, to realize, to be informed, to be sensible

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