Today’s #kanji is 刻, which is listed under its semantic element of #りっとう(刂), which means a sword. Its phonetic element is 亥 although 刻 and 亥 don’t share a sound.


Meaning: to carve, to cut
Reading: コク、きざ

刻印(コクイン): n. carving a seal, the mark of a seal, a carved seal
刻限(コクゲン): n. time, an appointed time
一刻(イッコク): n. a minute, a moment
時刻(ジコク): n.a/the time, an/the hour
即刻(ソッコク): adv. instantly, immediately, at once
遅刻(チコク): n. lateness, tardiness, arriving late
彫刻(チョウコク): n. sculpture, carving, engraving

刻(きざ)む: vt. to cut finely, to chop up; to carve
刻(きざ)み目(め): n. a notch, an indentation, an incision
分(フン)刻(きざ)みのスケジュール: a schedule arranged to the minute

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