Today’s second #kanji is #化. It’s made of #にんべん(亻) and #さじ/さじのひ(匕).
にんべん(人偏) looks like the katakana イ but it suggests association with a person/people.

さじ  looks like the katakana ヒ but it means “a spoon.”

Did ancient people use a spoon to transform themselves?? I don’t know…

Meaning: to transform

Reading: カ、ケ(ゲ)、ば

化学(ガク): chemistry (when you need to make sure not to get confused with 科学, people pronounce it as ばけガク)
化合(ゴウ): chemical combination
化石(セキ): a fossil
文化(ブン): culture
変化(ヘン): (a) change; (a) variation
消化(ショウ): digestion
悪化(アッ): a change for the worse, deterioration, aggravation

化粧(ショウ): makeup
変化(ヘン): the changing by an animal or person of its original form to a different visible form

化ける(ける): to take the form of…, to turn oneself into…
化かす(かす): to bewitch, to enchant


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