Today’s second #kanji is #北, which is listed under #さじのひ(匕).

Meaning: north, to be defeated, to escape

Reading: ホク(ホッ、ボク)、きた

北部(ホクブ): the northern part, the North
北斗(ホクト)七星(シチセイ): Ursa Major, the Big Dipper, the Plow, the Plough
北海道(ホッカイドウ): Hokkaido – the second biggest island of Japan
東北(トウホク): the northeast, the Tohoku district
南北(ナンボク): north and south

敗北(ハイボク): a defeat, a reverse, a setback

北風(きたかぜ/ホクフウ): a north wind, a wind blowing out of the north
北枕(きたまくら)にする: to lie with one’s head northward, to place (the corpse) with the head northward
北向き(きたむき): facing north

真北(まきた): due north

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