Today’s #kanji is #単, which is listed under the radical of #つかんむり(ツ) in my 大修館新漢和辞典 but apparently some dictionaries list it under the radical of #じゅう(十). There seems to be more than one theory regarding how this character was developed but one says it’s a pictograph depicting a certain bow and it’s the original form of 弾.

Meaning: single, one
Reading: タン、ひとえ、ひと

単位(タンイ): [noun] a unit, a denomination; a credit/point
単一(タン): [noun] a D-size (dry-cell) battery
単一(タン): [noun/なadj] single, individual
単語(タンゴ): [noun] a word
単車(タンシャ): [noun] a motorcycle, a motorbike
単純(タンジュン): [なadj] simple, straightforward, uncomplicated
単身(タンシン): [noun but often used like an adverb] alone, by oneself, unaccompanied
単独(タンドク)の: [noun + の] single, sole, solo, unassisted, independent
簡単(カンタン): [なadj] simple, brief, concise, easy

十二単*(ジュウニひとえ): [noun] a layered kimono (worn by a court lady)

この写真 の作成者 不明な作成者 は CC BY-SA のライセンスを許諾されています

単衣*(ひとえ): [noun] unlined clothes (for summer), a single layer of kimono for summer months

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