meaning: a friend

reading: ユウ、とも

友人(ユウジン): a friend
友情(ユウジョウ): friendly feelings, friendship
友禅(ユウゼン): a dyeing method for kimono
親友(シンユウ): a best friend, a close friend
学友(ガクユウ): a school friend, a classmate
旧友(キュウユウ): an old friend
交友関係(コウユウカンケイ): the people one knows, one’s relationship


友(とも): a friend
友達(ともダチ): a friend
友引(ともびき): a day in the six-day calendar when one’s luck affects other people; hence, a good day for weddings and a bad day for funerals.

#友 is listed under the radical of 又. Originally 友 was written with two 又’s and depicting the meaning of “helping each other.”
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