Today’s #kanji is #合, which is listed under its phonetic element of 口 in my dictionary. Apparently the rest (𠆢 and 一) is the semantic element.

Meaning: to match, to fit, etc.
Reading: ゴウ、ガッ、カッ、あ

合計(ゴウケイ): the sum total, the total, an aggregate
合理的(ゴウリテキ)(な): rational, reasonable, logical
化合(カゴウ): chemical combination
会合(カイゴウ): a meeting, an assembly, a gathering

合体(ガッタイ): combination, union, amalgamation, merger, consolidation

合戦(カッセン): a battle an encounter, a contest, a fight

合()う: to come together; to go well together, to fit; to conform (a standard); to be correct; to suit
合()わす/合()わせる: to bring together, to join (two or more things); to add (up); to mix; to set (one thing with another), etc.

見(み)合()いする: (for a person) to be formally introduced to one’s prospective marriage partner; (for a couple) to be formally meet each other with a view to marriage

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