Today’s #kanji is 吸, which is listed under its semantic element of #くちへん(口). Its phonetic element is 及. 及 apparently has the meaning of “to suck.”

Meaning: to inhale, to sip, to suck, to absorb
Reading: キュウ、す

吸引(キュウイン)する: to absorb, to such (in), to attract
吸気(キュウキ): inhalation of air, inhaled air (↔呼気(コキ))
吸血鬼(キュウケツキ): a vampire, a bloodsucker
吸収(キュウシュウ)する: to absorb, to assimilate
吸着(キュウチャク)する: to adsorb, to stick fast to …
吸入(キュウニュウ)する: to inhale, to breathe in, to suck (in)
吸盤(キュウバン): a suction cup, a sucker

呼吸(コキュウ): breathing, respiration, a breath

吸(す)う: to inhale, to sip, to suck, to absorb
吸(す)い付(つ)ける: to attract, to draw (to …)

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