Today’s #Kanji is 因, which is listed under the radical of #くにがまえ(囗) but the 因 is apparently a pictograph. 因 is the original form of the character 茵 which means a carpet and 大 inside depicting a person lying on the carpet.

meaning: to depend, a cause
reading: イン、よ、ちな*

因(イン): a cause, a ground, a reason
因果(インガ): cause and effect, retribution; karma, fate, destiny; ill fortunate, ~な: unlucky, unfortunate
因数(インスウ): 【mathematics】 a factor
因縁(インネン): fate, destiny; a previous tie, the history; karma; a pretext
起因(キイン)する: to originate in…, to have its origin in…., to arise from…
原因(ゲンン): a cause, a motive, a factor, the origin
要因(ヨウイン): a primary factor, a main cause

因(よ)る: to be due to…, to be caused by…, to be based on…, to depend on…

unofficial reading
因(ちな)みに: in this connection, by the say, incidentally
因(ちな)む: to be connected with…, to be related to…

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