meaning: ground

reading: チ、ジ

地球(チキュウ); the earth
地位(チイ): a (social) position, a status
地域(チイキ): a region
地理(チリ): geography
産地(サンチ): a producing centre, an area of production
天地(テンチ): heaven and earth

心地(ここチ): a feeling, a mood

地道(ジみち)(な): honest, sober, steady
地雷(ジライ): a (land) mine
意地(イジ): will, backbone, pride
意地(イジ)が悪(わる)い: nasty, mean, spiteful

#地 is made of #つちへん(土) and 也. 也 can be pronounced as なり and is used to clearly confirm something (similar to です), so can we think 地 IS 土?


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