Meaning: woman, female

Reading: ジョ、ニョ、ニョウ、おんな、め

女子(ジョシ): a woman, a female, a girl
女児(ジョジ): a girl, a female child
女性(ジョセイ): a woman, the female sex
女中(ジョチュウ): a maid, a chambermaid

女流作家(ジョリュウサッカ): a woman writer / author
天女(テンニョ): a celestial nymph, a heavenly maiden
女房(ニョウボウ): a wife
女(おんな): a woman, a female

女神(めがみ): a goddess, a female deity

乙女(おとめ): a young lady, a maiden
#女 is apparently a pictograph showing a woman gracefully kneeling down. Make sure you draw the horizontal stroke last. 女 makes its own radical.
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