#好 is made of おんなへん(女) and 子 (a child), i.e., a girl or a young woman, from which the meaning of “good” and “likable” developed.

好 means “like” and can be pronounced as:


好青年(コウセイネン): a nice young man
好奇心(コウキシン): curiosity
愛好(アイコウ)する: love, enjoy


好(す)き(な): liked, favourite
物好(もの)き(な): curious, eccentric

好(この)む: like, have a liking
私(わたし)好(ごの)み(の): my taste, my favourite

好(よ)い: good, nice (=良い)
人(ひと)が好(よ)い: be good-natured


好(よしみ): friendship, friendly relationship

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