Today’s #kanji is #客, which is made of its semantic element of #うかんむり(宀) and phonetic element of 各 although the common reading of 客 is different from that of 各.

Meaning: a guest, a visitor
Reading: キャク(キャッ)、カク(カッ)

客(キャク): n. a visitor, a guest
客員(キャクイン/カクイン): n. an associate member, an honorary member, a guest member
客観(キャッカン): n. the object (↔主観(シュカン))
客車(キャクシャ): n. a passenger car, a railway coach, a carriage
顧客(コキャク/コカク): n. a customer, a patron, a client
乗客(ジョウキャク): n. a passenger
接客(セッキャク): n. serving customers, looking after visitors

客死(カクシ/キャクシ)する: vi. to die abroad, to die on a journey
旅客(リョカク/リョキャク): n. a passenger, a tourist, a traveler
旅客機(リョカクキ/リョカッキ): n. a passenger plane, an airliner

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