#少 is listed under the radical of #小. With one stroke added to 小, 少 is a logo-graph which depicts a small number/amount.

Meaning: few, little

Reading: ショウ、すく、すこ


少額(ショウガク): a small amount of money
少々(ショウショウ): a little, a bit
少数(ショウスウ): a small number, a minority
(cf 小数(ショウスウ): a decimal)
少年(ショウネン): a boy
少女(ショウジョ): a girl
多少(タショウ): somewhat
幼少(ヨウショウ): infancy, childhood
減少(ゲンショウ)する: decrease

少(すく)ない: a few or a little (not used in front of a noun to mean “a small amount of xxx”)

少(すこ)し: a bit, a little


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