Meaning: island

Reading: トウ、しま(じま)

列島(レットウ): an archipelago, a chain of islands
日本列島(ニホンレットウ): the Japanese Islands
離島(リトウ): an isolated island; leaving the island
半島(ハントウ): a peninsula
無人島(ムジントウ): an uninhabited island, a desert island
諸島(ショトウ): a group of islands

  ハワイ諸島(ハワイショトウ): the Hawaiian Islands

島(しま): an island, an isle
島国根性(しまぐにコンジョウ): an island country mentality, an insular spirit, insularity
島流し(しまながし): exile to an island, banishment to an island
島田(しまだ): the shimada coiffure (a Japanese hairstyle for unmarried women)
小島(こじま): a small island, an islet
硫黄島(イオウじま): <place name> Iwo Jima (Island)  – a heavy battle took place during WW II.

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