Today’s first kanji is #市. It is made of #なべぶた(亠)(なべ= a pot + ふた= a lid) and #巾 (“cloth” or “cover”), so does this mean something to enclose? Please see below.

Meaning: city, market

Reading: シ、いち

市(シ): a city, a town
市役所(シヤクショ): a municipal office, a city hall
市会(シカイ): a minicupal assembly, a city council
市立(シリツ)(の): municipal
xx市(xxシ): xx City

市場(シジョウ): a market, an exchange

市(いち): a market, fair
市場(いちば): a marketplace, a market
青空市(あおぞらいち): an open-air market, a street market
朝市(あさいち): a morning market
蚤の市(のみのいち): a flea market
闇市(やみいち): a black market

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