Today’s second #kanji is #帰. I believe most kanji dictionaries list this under the radical of はば(巾).

Originally this kanji was written as 歸, so りっとう(刂)won’t be used as its main radical. In the current style, the top of the right hand side should look like the katakana ヨ without making the middle horizontal line longer than others.

Meaning: to return, to go back

Reading: キ、かえ(がえ)

帰国(コク): return to one’s country, a return home
帰化(カ): naturalization
回帰(カイ): a return (to…), a revolution, recurrence
復帰(フッ): a return, a comeback, reinstatement


帰る(かえる): to return, to go back
持ち帰り(もちかえり): takeaway, takeout
日帰り(ひがえり)する: to go and return in one day, to return on the same day


<difficult reading>

不如帰(ほととぎす): a little cuckoo, Cuculus poliocephalus

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