Today’s second #kanji is #年, which is listed under #ほす/#かん(干). Its original form is 秊, a combination of 禾 (harvest)  and 千 (thousand/a lot), so its original meaning was apparently “ripening of crops.” Usually crops ripen once a year, so now this kanji is used for a year.

Meaning: a year

Reading: ネン、とし

年始(ネンシ): new year, the beginning of the year
年少(ネンショウ)(の): young, juvenile
年長(ネンチョウ)(の): older, elder, senior
年度(ネンド): a fiscal/academic year, a product year
学年(ガクネン): a school year, a class/grade/form
新年(シンネン): the New Year, a new year
少年(ショウネン): a boy, a lad, a juvenile
来年(ライネン): next year
年(ネン)明(あ)け: the expiration of the term of service

年(とし)明(あ)け: beginning of a new year
年(とし)寄(よ)り: an old person, an aged person, an elder

[in sumo] a retired wrestler who is a trustee of the Japan Sumo Association

[in history] a senior statesman of the Tokugawa Shogunal government

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