Meaning: a younger brother

Readings: ダイ、デ、テイ、おとうと
兄弟(キョウダイ): sibling (including sisters)
弟子(シ): a disciple, a follower

兄弟(ケイテイ): brothers (not including sisters)
義弟(ギテイ): a younger brother-in-law (the husband of one’s younger sister or a younger brother of one’s spouse)
弟妹(テイマイ): younger brothers and sisters
子弟(シテイ): son, children
師弟(シテイ): teacher and student
徒弟(トテイ): an apprentice

弟(おとうと): one’s younger brother

Place names:
弟国(おうぐに): Ouguni in Mie Prefecture
弟子屈町(てしかがチョウ): Teshikaga-cho in Hokkaido

#弟 is listed under the radical of ゆみへん(弓) but it is apparently a pictograph showing “a pike with a string” and it originally meant “order” but 第 has replaced 弟 for that meaning and 弟 is used to mean a younger brother.
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