Today’s second #kanji is #強. I can’t explain why but it’s made of 弓(ゆみ/a bow)+ “ム” + 虫(むし/an insect). Altogether 11 strokes and in Japan this kanji is taught to Year 2s.

Meaning: strong, sturdy, to strive, to force

Reading: キョウ、ゴウ、つよ(づよ)、し(じ)

強力(キョウリョク)(な): strong, powerful
強敵(キョウテキ): a powerful enemy, one’s nemesis
勉強(ベンキョウ): study, learning
頑強(ガンキョウ)(な): stubborn, obstinate


強情(ゴウジョウ)(な): obstinate, headstrong
強欲(ゴウヨク)(な): greedy


強い(つよい): strong
力強い(ちからづよい): powerful, forcible


強いる(いる): to compel, to force
無理強い(ムリい): forcing, compulsion, coercion


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